Professor Fábio Carvalho Leite

Professor of Law

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio)

Rua Marques de São Vicente 225 – 6o andar Frings

22451-900 Rio de Janeiro, RJ    BRAZIL


CV in Brazilian Research Platform:



B.A. – Bachelor of Laws, PUC-Rio, 1999

LL.M – Theory of State and Constitutional Law, PUC-Rio, 2002

J.S.D – Public Law, State University of Rio de Janeiro – UERJ, 2008


Professional Activities (PUC-Rio)

Full professor,  PUC-Rio Law School

Associate Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Law

Coordinator of undergraduate Scientific Initiation Fellow Program in Law (since 2008)

Academic Coordinator of Constitutional Law (since 2003)

Legal Advisor to the Rector of PUC-Rio (since 2000)


Courses Taught

Constitutional Law

Fundamental Rights

Freedom of Expression and Religion

Brazilian Judicial Review

Contemporary Constitutional Theory


Publications (in portuguese)





Book chapters (selected)

“Freedom of Expression and the right to Honor: new guidelines to an old problem” In FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AND CONSTITUTIONAL JURISDICTION (Clemerson Cleve & Alexandre Freire), Editora Revista dos Tribunais, 2014.

“Religious freedom and animal sacrifice rituals”. In FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AND ENVIRONMENTAL LAW (Alexandre Rossi; Silvio Crestana; Elisabete Gabriela Castellano) Brasília: Embrapa, 2015.


Articles (selected)

Declaratory Action of Constitutionality: expectation, reality and some propositions. Sequência (Federal University of Santa Catarina Law Review), 2014.

Revocation, unconstitutionality and the relative importance of things in abstract judicial review of pre-constitutional law: arguments for the review of a precedent (ADI 2). Pensar (Fortaleza University Law Review), 2014.

For an end to full bench clause. Direito, Estado e Sociedade (PUC-Rio Law Review)

The full bench clause according to Courts of Justice. Direitos Fundamentais & Justiça (PUC-RS Law Review), 2011.

Laicism and other exaggerations about the First Republic in Brazil. Religião & Sociedade, 2011.

State, religion and the presence of religious symbols in public agencies: a study about the Van Orden and McCreary County cases decided by the US Supreme Court”. Cadernos do Departamento de Direito (PUC-Rio), 2010.

Freedom of Religion and conscientious objection to blood transfusion for religious reasons. Federal University of Paraná Law Review, 2009.

Rule of Law and limits to the limits of freedom to choose a professional activity. Veredas do Direito, 2006.



– Secularism and religious freedom (2004-2008)

– Freedom of Expression (2007- ongoing).

Funded project:  “Freedom of Expression and personality rights: (new) arguments for the preferred position of freedom of expression conflicts honor and image rights” (2015) was awarded a one-year research grant (R$ 16,000.00) by the Research Funding Institution of Rio de Janeiro (FAPERJ)



MSc students –14 (judicial review; freedom of expression; freedom of religion)

PhD students – 1 (judicial review)

Ongoing supervisions:

MSc Students – 4 (freedom of expression)

PhD students – 2 (freedom of expression; judicial review)


Presentations (selected)

– Freedom from religion – what is it? – ICLARS, Oxford University, 2016

– The problem of limits to freedom of expression – Legal Seminar in Vianna Jr. Institute, 2015.

– The Law and religious exception – Federal University of Uberlândia, 2015.

– Charlie Hebdo and the freedom of expression – PUC-Rio, 2015.

– Freedom of Expression vs. Civil Responsibility – Federal Regional Court (Second Region), 2013.

– Right to an offensive opinion – TEDx (PUC-Rio), 2013

– Secularism in Brazil – Religious Studies Institute, 2013.

– Unauthorized Biographies? A debate about freedom of expression in Brazil, 2013.

– Judicial Reform in Brazil – Seminar of judicial constitutional reform in Turkey (ULUSLARARASI YARGI REFORMU SEMPOZYUMU), in Ankara, Turkey, 2012.

– Right to an offensive opinion – Attorney General of Mato Grosso do Sul State, 2012.

– Secularism and religious freedom in recent years: a legal approach – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul /UFRGS, Dept of Anthropology, 2012


Last update: September 10, 2015.