Professor Adriano Pilatti

Professor of Constitutional Law

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio)

Rua Marques de São Vicente 225 – 6o andar Frings

22451-900 Rio de Janeiro, RJ    BRAZIL


CV in Brazilian Research Platform:



B.A. – Bachelor of Laws, UFRJ, 1983

LL.M – Theory of State and Constitutional Law, PUC-Rio, 1988

J.S.D – Political Science, IUPERJ, 2006

Post Doctorate – Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, 2011



Professional Activities (PUC-Rio)

Full professor, PUC-Rio Law School

Coordinator of Center of Studies in Constitutional Law (PUC-Rio)

Coordinator of Law Institute (PUC-Rio)


Courses Taught

Constitutional Law

Brazilian Constitutional History

Constitution Theory

Contemporary Constitutional Theory

Legislative Process


Publications (in portuguese)


The 1987-1988’s Constituent: progressives, conservatives, economic order and the rules of the game. Rio de Janeiro: Ed. Lumen Juris, 2008.


Book chapters (selected)


“The year of wonders and nightmares” In TOMORROW, IT WILL BE BIGGER – THE UPRAISER OF MULTITUDE IN THE YEAR THAT IS NOT OVER (Bruno Cava; Giuseppe Cocco), São Paulo: Annablume, 2014.

“Constituent, Coups and Constitutions – paths and detours of Brazilian constitutional formation” In CONSTITUTION OF 1988, 25 YEARS: THE FRAMING OF DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: BRAZIL BEFORE AND AFTER THE CONSTITUENT” (Marcos). São Paulo: Instituto Vladimir Herzog, 2013

“Who Is Afraid of Constituent Power?” In NETWORKS, POWER AND DEMOCRACY IN THE 21ST CENTURY (Vinícius Wu). Porto Alegre: Sapiens, 2013.

“National Congress” In COMMENTS ON FEDERAL CONSTITUTION OF 1988 (Paulo Bonavides; Jorge Miranda; Walber de Moura Agra), Rio de Janeiro: Forense, 2009.


Articles (selected)


Multitudinous Plebs and its Tribunes Constitution in Global Society. (Attorney General of Mato Grosso do Sul State Review), 2013.

The institutionalist perspective and the analysis of legislative decisions dynamic. Direito, Estado e Sociedade (PUC-Rio Law Review), 2006.

Constituent Power and democratic constitutionalism: the multitude politic and the participatory democracy in Constitution of 1988. (Brazilian Academy of Constitutional Law), 2006.



– Constitutional forms and democratic building in post-1964 Brazil (2007-ongoing)

– Constitutionalism and constituent power: critical tension and democratic building (2008-ongoing)

– Brazilian Constitutionalism: oligarchic order and democratic building (2008- ongoing).

– Rights in movement: territories and communities (2013-ongoing)



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